Weighted Clouds

with her sharp chin cradled in her hand,

she took a look the sky that hovered her since she was little.

The clouds were heavy, and so was her heart.

She loved storms and tonight it was as if

the sky had a lightswitch.

The raindrops danced down her window

and as distracting as they were,

nothing could dim the lightning.

she was a sucker for the lightning.

It was hard to look away, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of it,

in fact there was something about the way the lightning struck the sky

like the veins inside of her heart.

Her mind wandered off.

She looks at the sky and slowly comes to the conclusion that

when we don’t cry for ourselves, when we don’t cry for our world, our world cries for us.

She remembers her first heartbreak like it was yesterday.

He made her feel like every vein in her heart was getting ready to violently burst,

each and every one of them .

On days when she would try to fall asleep,

she lie alone and saddened by close to everything, she would watch the rain.

that just had to be why she loved the raindrops that fell from the clouds above her. It was like he was the rain

that was his way of paying her a visit.

For a moment she recognized the pain the world was feeling for the people around her. Perhaps the world was crying for her,

with her, when nobody, not even her could fix her heart and mind.

She was the kind of person who took her problems and shoved them under the bed.

That is where they would remain.

she didn’t know if it’d be better for someone to find them or to

leave them alone.