The Sun Looked Like You Today

for a split second, tears started to roll down my cheek.

among the light, I thought I saw you standing in a field,

across from my bus,

waving at me.

I never liked this place, but for one second, that field is where I wanted to be for the rest of my life.

When I say“the sun looked like you today”

I don’t mean that it looked beautiful.

I mean that even though the clouds around it were full, nothing was stopping the sun from glowing,

it was struggling,

it was striving,

but there it was

fighting to be noticed,

and that is just how you lived.

The clouds were up there,

right beside the sun,

childishly playing a game of hide and seek. For a moment, the sun would shine it’s light on me,

but it would leave just as quick.

By now I would like to think you are somewhere else on this earth,

making someone a coffee,

painting some really bad art,

or maybe someone got just lucky enough where they have grown into a carbon copy of you.

Meeting someone like you again,

would be the most generous gift,

and maybe some day the world can hand it to me again.


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